Our Music

Original music for STACKS:

Photo Booth Memories (2014)    Laurent Estoppey 5-8'

zap no zap (2014)    Laurent Estoppey 4.5' - video by Chris Cassody

Anagrammes  Laurent Estoppey

Hall of Mirrors Richard Powers

More Music For Examining and Buying Merchandise (2013)    Alejandro Rutty 5-7'

Wedge That Pebble Bell (2014) Alejandro Rutty 4-5”

The Difficulties (2012)    Mark Engebretson 8'

    Text by Brian Lampkin

Ricochet (2011)        Maurizio Guerandi 7'

     video by Samantha DiRosa

Sous l'eau Sourde (2012)    Maurizio Guerandi 5’

You May Bury Me in the East (2014)    Andrew Weathers 6-7'

If I'm Lost - Now (2013)    Wei Dai 5.5'

     video by Samantha DiRosa    

On Repeats (2014)    Nicholas Rich 7-8'

     video by Jonathan Wall


Works we have adapted:


Schranz (2004) Kaspar Ewald

Press Release  David Lang

Piece in the Shape of a Square Philip Glass

Black     Marc Mellits